Meet Sheri Ann

Hello, my name is Sheri Ann.  I am an aunt, mother, daughter, sister, wife and friend.  I was raised on a ranch in Wyoming and I am a country girl at heart who learned to cook at the side of my grandmother and mother. Life has given me ups and downs and I have fought to live, to love, to let go, to forgive and to survive.The simple things in life make me happy. I love lavender, daisies, sheep and people. I believe family, food, fun and  faith make life wonderful and  joy comes from living a good, clean, Christ-centered life.

I  decided to share my life experiences after several people mentioned to me that I have an awesome family that they look up to. I have come to realize that indeed I do have a fabulous family that is made up of unique and wonderful individuals who have shaped my life. I want to share my life experiences to preserve my memories with the hope that my experiences may benefit others. After losing part of my memory from a brain injury, I understand greater the importance of preserving and recording life events.

There is plenty of ugly and evil portrayed in our world and I have a desire to spread some goodness and share the happiness that I know. I don’t proclaim to have a perfect family or perfect life. I don’t profess that my experiences have been more challenging or easier than anyone else. In reality, I hope to become a better mom, sister, daughter and friend through sharing all things fabulous and family.

All my best,

Sheri Ann

And I am a Mormon

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