Light & Darkness

As a young child, I hated the dark and was quite a”chicken”. I am sure my fear of the dark came about from many situations but I am QUITE sure one of them had something to do with silly, childhood pranks. It was an unwritten rule in our home that whoever had to brave the cold, chilling cellar, risked having the lights turned off and the door locked once they made it to the bottom of the stairs. I would cringe when my mother would call “Sheri, run downstairs and get me some beans.” Oh how I HATED that cold, dark cellar, especially when there was meat in the meat locker!!

In contrast, I absolutely LOVE the holiday season and the lights strung on homes, trees, yards and windows. One of my favorite holiday traditions is to stop and enjoy the lights wherever I am. It makes me so happy to see Christmas lights shining out my window and around our neighborhood on cold, dark, winter nights. What a fabulous time of year when people think of God and each other more than themselves. When there is light amidst the darkness.

How thankful I am for the light, happiness, peace and love I feel because of my Savior, Jesus Christ and this time of year. Life is REALLY hard sometimes and Jesus Christ brings me hope. This life is not the end and with His help I can and will endure all that life brings my way.

Sheri Mom

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