I came across this photo of my sister and I that was taken in July, 2013 and I just LOVE it!! I don’t remember that day, nor any in July of 2013. One month prior I hit my head in a car accident and I haven’t quite been the same since. I had no idea that a concussion could change lives and leave people with permanent brain damage. And no, I haven’t seen CONCUSSION yet but I am planning to.

It’s strange, you see me standing there and I look perfectly “normal”. No one would expect that anything was wrong with me. Now my sister, she is a different story. You definitely know that she has a physical disability, I think it might be the wheel chair that gives that away.

April’s legs may not have worked right but boy her brain sure did!! She was one smart lady who never viewed herself as disabled or different from anyone else. She had an ABILITY to see herself as a healthy, “normal” person that was just as capable as anyone else. April had a peace about her life situation that permeated to all who met her. It was easy to accept April for who she was, because she accepted and loved herself.

The two years prior to her death, she and I often talked about starting a blog. Funny thing was, we couldn’t agree 100% on the approach to take. April was concerned about her colleagues treating her differently if they really knew her personal life. Now that I am employed and starting a career, I understand her concerns, which I now have for myself.

It wasn’t until a few weeks before April passed away that she agreed to let me “tell her story” and share insights of how she lived, laughed, loved and learned in this life. I hope I am able to share insights to my FABULOUS sister’s life that will be of benefit to friends, family, my children & grandchildren and anyone who needs a good role model. She truly helped shape my life and made me a better person. Love you sis!!


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