Feed My Sheep

Wahoo- the call finally came!! My son has been called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He will be serving in the  Washington Yakima Mission, Spanish speaking. He will report to the Mexico Missionary Training Center on July 5. What a wonderful, wonderful day for this mother!!

IMG_3420 (1)

My mind has been drawn to the Savior’s words “feed my sheep” and “leave the ninety and nine and…..seeketh that which is gone astray.” (John 21:16  Matthew 18:12 ) I know my son will do just that. He has always had the ability to love and accept others for who they are.


After a long couple of weeks and quite a few migraines, I decided to spend the weekend where I could relax and recuperate for a few days – home with my parents. We spent much of our time listening to prophets and apostles testify of Jesus Christ during the church’s general conference. President Dieter F. Uchtdorf spoke about the parable of the sheep, which was fitting as every morning we ventured to the ranch to feed the sheep.

I have always LOVED working with the sheep, they are such gentle creatures. Each has a unique personality, some more lovable than others! They are so dependent upon a shepherd for safety and well-being. In the harsh, cold, Wyoming climate, their daily lives literally depend upon the mercy of others.


It is by no accident that Jesus Christ used the analogy of sheep for us. Our spiritual lives and eternal well-being are dependent upon the mercy of our Savior. How thankful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ that leads us back to the fold of our Shepherd where we are blessed beyond measure.

My son will spend two years of his life searching for “lost sheep” and feeding them with the good Word of God. What a sacred honor and privilege.


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