Mother, I Love You

Mother’s Day is only one week away! Thanks to a local fundraiser, I am actually prepared this year and have already purchased flowers for the mothers in my life. (Yes Mom, you are getting a flower for Mother’s Day! Sorry if I spoiled the surprise.) While picking out flowers today I started pondering how the mothers in my life have influenced me. 

 My Mother was raised in the Rocky Mountains and lived in a sheep camp for the first few years of her life. At age 3, she “horse whispered” to a young, wild, mustang. She brought her new found friend home with a small rope around it’s neck and attempted to shoe the horse. Needless to say, she was not the typical child. 

Mom is a hard worker, she is 100% selfless, always putting others first. Her children’s needs have ALWAYS come before her own. I remember as a young girl I saved  $16.00 for a pair of shoes to give her as a Christmas gift. Mom had mentioned how much she liked the shoes, but put them back on the shelf several months before. I wanted so badly for her to have something new, and nice. I somehow paid attention to her worn shoes and coat. For many years money was something our family just didn’t have much of, but I never remember her complaining – EVER – about anything! She has always had an attitude of gratitude and a giving heart.

Mom taught me that people are more important than things. How very thankful I am that I have a mother who loved me and my siblings more than money, fortune, glory or selfish desires. Her love is truly unconditional, Christ-like love. She not only loves her children and grandchildren but she loves her husband and is a fabulous wife!

Mom has taught me to work hard, love people, be kind, take care of myself, respect God’s creations and to have faith in Jesus Christ, the atonement and the resurrection. I have hope, peace, joy and happiness because of my Mother.


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