Elder Anderson

Well he is off!!! Nathan left today and I won’t see him for 2 years! Yes, that was a BIG sigh…..He will be in Mexico for 6 weeks learning Spanish and studying the gospel of Jesus Christ at the Mission Training Center and then he will live and serve in central Washington for 2 years.


I know it is hard for some to understand why he would leave everyone he loves for such a long time.

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As he explained before he left, the answer is quite simple; because he knows that Jesus is the Christ and he will be bringing others to know our Savior and His gospel. Quite simply, Nathan loves the Lord more than anyone or anything else.


The night before Nathan left, we listened to a voice recording of my grandfather, William “Bill” Barker. Grandpa Bill reminisced about his mission call and missionary service in Indiana. Bill had recently come home to help his dying father on the family ranch when the bishop extended a call to serve a full time mission.

I am continually amazed and my great grandmother’s faith and determination. Her husband had not eaten a meal in 8 months, there were financial hardships, and a possibility of losing the family ranch. How did she react to her eldest son being called away to preach the gospel at the family’s expense of $50.00/month? Grandmother sobbed and sobbed…. because she thought her son was going to turn down the call! She had prayed for years that one of her sons would serve a mission.

Bill accepted the call, witnessed miracles, increased in faith, and blessed his family for generations. Bill’s father was able to eat and his health and strength increased. Bill’s younger brother also served a full time mission. The family ranch is still owned and operated today by the Barker family.

I am quite sure Nathan will also perform and witness miracles. He will bring the light of Christ into the lives of others and bless families reaching into the eternities. I am proud of the man he has become and feel honored to be his mother.

Nathan will be serving the people in the Washington Yakima Mission and teaching in Spanish for 2 years as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

All I can say is that Washington is lucky to have him because he is just way AWESOME!!

Love you Nate!!


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