Birthday Bash

Thank you for all the birthday wishes and for my daughter planning such a fun weekend at Bear Lake!!  I haven’t been able to play in water for over 3 years due to balance issues and problems from my concussion. So, I literally was acting like a 5 year old jumping in the waves with the kids. It’s amazing to experience things again for the “first time.”

I don’t believe in coincidence. I don’t believe that things just happen. I believe that God allows and gives us tender mercies that strengthen us, and reminds us of who we are and that we are loved.

I can’t explain how wonderful it was to have my parents and all of my brothers and their families drive up for the day to be with me. I am sure my sister was aware of me and I know her spirit was with us. When we pulled into Garden City we immediately saw three Lamborghini’s, which is REALLY odd for our part of the world. At Rendevouz Beach, we saw nearly 20 of those beautiful cars which was pretty dang AWESOME!! Come to find out, Bear Lake was a scheduled stop for a  Lamborghini Rally. Who knew?!

A red Lamborghini poster hung in my bedroom that I shared with April when we were young, it was at that time her favorite car. She was never into Barbie Dolls but LOVED fast cars and adventure. So, seeing those cars for my birthday was a tender mercy for me and I couldn’t help but smile and think of her.

While at the lake, I was reminded of the time April, Jenny and I drove the van to the same spot nearly 30 years ago. April insisted that she could drive her electric scooter in the sand and she was determined to do so. Well, the sand was pretty soft and she didn’t get too far. Jenny and I attempted to push her but we weren’t very big, or very strong, and of course, not successful. I don’t remember how we got that thing out of the sand but I remember April saying, “Don’t tell Dad!” When her wheels wouldn’t go, “piggy back rides” were always a good choice. April was always so much fun and so happy!! I am trying to be more that way.

It was fitting that I was able to laugh and play at the same beach with my family to celebrate my birthday. It was definitely one of my best birthday bashes. It’s true that I am another year older, but I am happy about that. Mom made my day when she said, “You look younger every day.” I’ll take that!


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