Elders or Dentists?

This is what happens when you send your son to the Mexico MTC a few weeks after having his wisdom teeth pulled. He complained about having something stuck in the hole where his tooth was, but of course was “fine” and didn’t need to see the dentist. I should have followed my motherly instinct and taken him anyway.

In his first letter home Nathan told of this grand adventure.”Ya know how I thought that I had a carrot in my wisdom tooth hole? So I finally decided to take a look at it in the mirror to see what I could see, and I saw something white back there.  I grabbed my tweezers and started to dig at in the mirror but I couldn’t get it.  I asked one of the dudes I live with, to see if he could get it.  I laid on the ground and held my cheek back while another elder had a flashlight.  Elder Crane had the tweezers and after about 5-10 minutes we pulled out what appeared to be a piece of tooth.  It wasn’t connected to my jaw, the gum had just started to grow around it.  Lol when I eat its like I just got my teeth out again haha.”


The Elders were successful in pulling out a piece of bone that broke lose from the original wisdom tooth extraction, which I guess is not abnormal. Elder Anderson is doing great and had no complications from the “procedure” performed by his fellow missionaries. I am sure most young men would have seen a dentist, even in Mexico, but my boy is a “do it yourself” type of guy.

I have to say that our dentist is stinking awesome and this is not his fault but ours for not going back in before Nathan left. AND there is a reason that the church is so persistent with medical preparations before serving for 2 years.

Our Elder Anderson is doing very well and has enjoyed his time at the Mexico MTC but as he put it “I’m sick of rice and beans and excited to come back to the States”. He left Mexico this morning and will be arriving in Yakamia Washington later today. I am sure his Mission President, those he serves and serves with, will love him and will be blessed from his service.

Excerpts from Elder Anderson’s letters this past month.

July 15, 2016 –

So when I first arrived to the CCM I was really tired from traveling, and kind of overwhelmed.  Sunday rolled around, we watched a video about Christ and His teachings.  It was so awesome. I felt like I was here for a reason, and that I could actually represent Christ, because after all…whom He calls He qualifies.  We taught our first lesson the second day we got here, in Spanish.  It was a little rough.

Ok, the MTC life.  I live in a house with about 14 Mexicans (they don’t like word Latinos) and they are the funniest dudes I have ever met.  We don’t even really communicate, but somehow we are like best pals!

So not to brag or anything, but I am becoming quite the name in cage soccer….its so freaking fun, and I have met so many people here.  Random people come up and are super nice to me, its great.  But really though the whole MTC from workers to Elders are just so nice.  When I am not playing soccer in my free time I am draggin my comp to the gym and its great.  I am staying in shape, if not getting stronger here at the MTC.  I love life guys!

“Integrity is the strength to do what is right no matter the consequences or inconvenience,”Ted R Callister.  My testimony of faith and prayer has gone through the roof, the gift of tongues is real.  I am already teaching in Spanish! I love this gospel and I really, really, really love my Savior and yours, Jesucristo!

July 22, 2016 –

Hey yall!  So I want to say a little bit about life in Mexico.  The birds are loud and never stop, gunshots go off outside the walls about every couple hours, sirens NEVER stop, and music plays from outside the walls constantly.  The CCM is so pretty though, we are definitely in our own world here and it is gorgeous.  The parrots are my favorite, they are so pretty (except there are dead ones everywhere and it is kinda gross)!


My testimony just gets stronger everyday, and I love it.  I never thought that my favorite part of the day would be personal scripture study, where I get to read the Book of Mormon.  I was reading in 1 Nefi Capitulo 22 with my district leader and in that chapter Nephi really wanted to get across the point that the second coming is real, and coming in hot.  You should all go read the second half of that chapter if you get the chance.  I think about everything that has happened since Joseph Smith, and know that we need to be preparing ourselves now.  I also think about how important that is for me as a missionary.  The people NEED to hear the gospel now more than ever, and I want to invite all to come unto Christ, just as Alma did in chapter 29.

July 29, 2016 –

So this week was a pretty good one. Last Saturday Elder Linton and I taught someone that was actually themselves.  We were both really nervous going in, but the Spirit was able to teach, and it was great to be a part of the whole experience.  We talked about families, and I bore a testimony of how much my family has influenced my life.  I told her that I wouldn’t be there teaching her in that moment if it wasn’t for my family.

Also this week we got to hear from Elder Salinas of the Seventy.  He was like the Mexican version of Elder Holland, but with even more energy and at least as much authority.  He started out with closing his notebook and saying, “I feel the need to speak on something else”.  He continued to talk, leaning over the pulpit and shouting from time to time for an hour and a half.  It was incredible.  He got the point across that “success is given to us after we reach our capacity of what we can do.”

August 11, 2016 –

So I don’t have too much to say about this last week.  Lots of scriptures, lots of soccer, and lots of Spanish.  I definitely want to come back here someday and dance and eat tacos, and just talk with the Mexican people.

Anyways I guess I will just talk a bit more on life here, the campus is 90 acres and is gorgeous.  We are in-caged by about a 12 foot tall concrete wall with barb-wire on the top.  The outside of the wall is covered in graffiti and lined with bullet holes.  Just like every other surface in Mexico City.  There is music going on every night.  Last night it was School boy Q haha.

My Spanish is getting better every day.  I can understand just about everything said, it just takes me twice as long to respond.

I have enjoyed my time here, but am definitely ready to go back to the land of the free.  I am sick of walking into the shower half asleep in the mornings and biting my lip so not to swear because there is a huge freaking cockroach or something standing me off for the spot in the shower.

Anyways go listen to “Lord I Believe” by Elder Holland if you get a chance.  I promise you wont regret it.  I am grateful for my chance to be a missionary, and I am thankful for all my support back home. Love you all

Elder Anderson



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