The Abolitionists

Human trafficking is a growing disease that is infesting the human population and we don’t hear enough about it!  The Abolitionists Movement is attacking underground slavery head on and you can too. How? Start with simply watching a movie. I was at a premier showing a few months ago and I was REALLY concerned ahead of time if I could handle watching a movie that addressed human trafficking, child abduction and sex slavery, but it was inspiring and AMAZING. It’s time to know the truth and help save these children.



Local Information from O.U.R. Cache Valley Community Team Leader:

There are currently 2 million children being trafficked into sex slavery all over the world. Many come from our country, from Utah, and some from our very own Cache Valley. The sad fact is, it’s our country’s porn industry that fuels most of this objectification and dehumanization. 

The Abolitionists movie documents the real-life extraordinary efforts of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) as they work with local governments and agencies to rescue these children, rehabilitate them,  and stop the perpetrators.  View the Movie Trailer.

This documentary will make you aware of the vast, dark global issue of human trafficking, but it will also inspire you!  So many within our community are getting behind this movement – like USU’s professors who are offering extra credit to their students for getting involved.  But there are also many who are wanting to do something, but don’t know what or how to help.   

You have the opportunity to see this movie as a one-time event on October 26 (Wednesday) @ 6:30 pm at Providence 8 Stadium Theaters, and know exactly what you and your family can do to help these enslaved children!  Tickets are $10 a seat and must be reserved by going to this link 

An email I recently received from Chet, Director/Producer, of The Abolitionists

Hey everyone…The craziness continues.  Hollywood for some strange reason is trying to push us out.  Not sure if they’re guilty themselves of the criminal acts we’re shining light on or if they are just being influenced by darkness but we can’t let them stop us.  We’ve had to build our own platform but we’ve done it and we finished it yesterday!!!  You can stream the film today WITHOUT Hollywood’s support.  Here’s the link: 

Watch the Movie!!

All of you that have seen it please send this to everyone you know and then some.  If you haven’t seen it, now you can.  Please forward this email to your friends. Comment on the Facebook page, tag your friends or write a review on Fandango or IMDB in order to get the word out about this movement.

The surge of “slavery awareness” started the Civil War AND abolished it.  We can repeat history together.

Now forgive me for my emotions on this but today, the war begins against the SCUM of the earth that are trafficking our children…There’s no way that I could ever explain it but there is a dark, evil opposition that is doing everything possible to stop us…it must know how powerful you all are together and the importance of this cause because the opposition is real.  We need the light to win on this one but we can’t do it without you.

We need your help to throw this one in the face of Hollywood and in the face of evil.

It’s important that you know that the proceeds from the sales go directly to putting our teams out there around the world, to capture these traffickers on film and send them to prison for a very long time.  The literal footage is undeniable evidence and keeps these little girls from having to testify.  It’s working but we need your help to take it to the next level…and hey if you’ve seen the movie, you can pre-order DVD’s for Christmas and then give them away.

So many of you have asked what you can do to help and the answer has been wait until the movie comes to a theater near you and then invite everyone you know to come and be inspired…there’s no more waiting…the awareness and support can now get out…in a viral way…Thank you for helping us start a tsunami of awareness and start a war.  We will win this one…it’s not an option.  I am by all means not the only one but what I do know is that I can speak from personal experience of being on the front line and we have to do everything we can to stop this.

Thank you for your help.


Director/Producer, The Abolitionists

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