Drug Lords & Gunshots

It is pretty amazing that my son writes home and tells me he is talking with drug lords and living in an area where there are shootings – and I am not freaking out! I know he is protected and I am so very thankful for the peace I have. God is aware of me and knows my heart. After having a REALLY hard week and experiencing some serious health problems, all I wanted was to be with my family, to hold them close. Needless to say, I was missing my son badly, and then a photo of his happy face just pops up on Facebook!

nathan-and-book-of-mormonHis mission President’s wife just “happened” to see him on the street, take his picture and post it. I felt in my heart it was my Heavenly Father’s way of letting me know He is aware of me. It was truly a tender mercy.

Words from Elder Anderson the past month:

November 21, 2016

This week we had the opportunity to meet a prophetess and 3 drug lords.  That was pretty cool.  But even better than that – we had the opportunity to hear from 2 area of the 70s.  (Church leaders). What a blessing to hear their testimonies. 

The prophetess told us of a story when she met a member from W$H (west side hustlers) and only had pizza oil so she “anointed him then and there and commanded him in the name of Jesus by the laying on of hands to not be bad.” She was super crazy. 

The drug lords (Sweet-feet, Ray, and Face) were tatted up. They actually knew their bible really well and told us to “know our weaknesses and keep doing what is right.” Face bought a homeless guy a burrito and when he went to pay I saw him pull out a wad of 100 dollar bills wrapped in a rubber band, haha. Sweetfeet showed us his gang sign and had a pistol hanging out of his front pocket. Pretty crazy.

The area of the 70 spoke of a story of a boy falling through the ice into freezing cold water because he did not stay close to the center where it was strong.  He related it to us and that we need to stay in the center of the doctrine of Christ and we will be safe.  

We stopped by the family with the boy who had cancer, but they told us that it was too late so we are going back again this week.  We also referred the family with the boy who had the stroke to the English sisters (because they spoke english), but the sisters said they had a lesson with the family and it went very well. 

My testimony of the book of Mormon continues to grow and I testify that it is from God and evidence that his church is here again on the earth.  There is no possible way it could be written in 65 days by a man taking care of a farm and family and who did not have an education.  It was translated through Gods power and stands as a testimony for our church. 

Hope you all have an amazing week,

-Elder Anderson

November 14, 2016

Hey everyone I learned a very important principle this week through two experiences that happened back to back.  

On wednesday we took out a new elder knocking doors for the first time.  His name is Elder Richardson and he is now living with us (we didn’t know he would be living with us at this point).  After tracting for awhile we came to a small little green house.  The new missionary tried to speak spanish to a middle aged lady, but she didn’t fully understand his broken grammar.  My comp and I gave her a pass along card because she said that she wasn’t interested and we started to leave.  Once we got to the end of the drive way I was feeling unsettled and the new missionary said, “I think she was crying a little bit.”  We made the decision to turn back around and go knock the same door again.  In my imperfect Spanish I said, “Hi, we feel like we need to give you something or…”  she cut me off at this point and told us to come in. She explained that her nephew was dying from cancer.  I once again had the amazing opportunity to be humbled through being a tool for the lord.  

Later that day we stopped by a potential investigator and they said, “its not a good time, we just got back from the hospital, our baby boy had a seizure.”  We asked if there was anything we could do and they said no. Not wanting to overstay our visit we left.  After walking about a block away we once again felt like we should turn around. So we did.  When we arrived they were outside talking to their friend about the events of that day.  We said, “sorry but we just didn’t feel like leaving you without a word of prayer.”  Again, we got to be angels for a family.  The dad broke down in the middle of my prayer, and when it was over gave me a hug that I will never forget.  I imagine that is what eternal life feels like.  

The lesson I learned was that you do not ignore spiritual promptings, no matter the inconvenience.  I imagine myself walking away from those families without turning back around.  I then imagine what they would have said to me in the spirit world.  Oh how grateful I am for the gift of the Holy Ghost.  


-With much love, Elder Anderson 

November 7, 2016

We are all sons and daughters of God, and we should see each other as that.  When we do that, we stop looking at people and judging them.

We walked this dog that was half husky and half German Shepard.  It was like the coolest dog I have ever seen.  Her name was Chula. And some other German shepard. 

And the beautiful Yakima River.


October 17, 2016

We have been teaching a boy who has Autism and have talked with his parents who are members but divorced and set the baptismal date for the 29th of October!  He is so awesome and if everyone could understand the gospel as simply as he does, the church would be even stronger.  He is super shy and it has been hard to get him to interact with us, but this last time we were there he didn’t want us to leave and said that besides his grandma and parents and cousin, we were the only other people he wants at his baptism.  We usually teach him using games, for example: the restoration was taught playing Jenga.  The tower represents the Church Jesus established when on the earth, but as truths were changed, etc. the church fell, and got rebuilt.  I had the opportunity to give him a blessing which was very neat.

Also someone in the church asked for a blessing as well which I had the opportunity to give.  It is amazing how much trust people have for missionaries.  We also helped someone who had a broken down vehicle, which was such an amazing experience as well.  I seriously just love the people and the Lord and have such a strong desire to share the gospel.  I don’t know how to describe it, but it comes from knowing the importance of the Atonement.  

-Love Elder Anderson

October 12, 2016

Hey yall!  I dont have very much time to email this week because I just got back from the temple, but it has been pretty eventful.  We are teaching a bunch of kids that are on date for the 5th of nov for baptism, but their mom’s boyfriend just told us we can’t come by anymore so we have been meeting in the park…Umm there have been 3 shootings in yakima this week, and 3 of those were in my area lol.  umm…I have just really been focusing on talking with everyone as of late, and trying to establish my missionary purpose of inviting others to come unto christ.  The work is awesome, and I love this gospel.   Hope everyone is doing well! The Book of Mormon is true and blue. 

-Elder Anderson

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