Cookies Anyone?

So.. it looks like my son made the best cookies EVER and delivered them to people?! If nothing else, having these bad boys delivered to your home would make you smile. But really, I am amazed at how selfless my son has become while putting his life on hold for two years and devoting all of his time and energy to serving others.  I am amazed at God’s wisdom to help young adults overcome the “natural man” by serving as full time missionaries. Working at a university gives me the opportunity to mingle with college students on a daily basis and I can honestly say that it’s just not a natural thing for young adults to be selfless.

Besides baking Ninja Turtle cookies, Elder Anderson spent some time this past week serving a family and helping them decorate their home for Christmas. My heart was touched to see the light in his eyes and joy on his face, thanks to email and digital photography!! I don’t know how missionary mothers ever survived before the internet.


Nathan was a very thoughtful child and I was in awe when I realized how sensitive he was to the disabled and struggling students in his elementary classes. He is now learning to put others’ needs and wants before his own. It’s almost like seeing my son transform from a teenager into this AWESOME adult overnight.

And no, you don’t have to serve a full time mission to learn to love and serve others.

It was fitting that while Nathan was serving a family he hardly knows, his sister was serving me, doing the exact same thing -helping me decorate my home for Christmas. You might think, “So what, big deal, your daughter decorated your living room.” I am here to tell you when you can’t do something yourself and someone else steps in to do it for you, it is a big deal!  I’ve been home on medical leave for 3 weeks now and how wonderful it is to have my home look festive, especially since I stare at the walls a bit!! It truly has made me happy. JJ brought her sweet mother in law, who has become a dear friend of mine, to help her decorate. What a treat to have a professional decorator spruce up your home! 😊 How thankful I am for others who serve and love me.

I believe that’s what the Christmas season is really all about – thinking about, loving, and serving others as our Savior Jesus Christ would do. That my friends, is the true spirit of Christmas.

Words from Elder Anderson:

Go check out the Christmas Video on if you haven’t yet seen it.  It is very uplifting and will bring a grown man to tears…like myself;) 

-Elder Anderson 

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