Sick Snow Day

So I guess I’m ready to talk about the elephant in the room that I haven’t wanted to talk about and no it’s not the 2 feet of new snow that we just graciously accepted from the heavens. But oh how thankful I am for the glorious snow. Sorry all you snow haters but I LOVE it!! Wouldn’t you rather see all this beautiful white stuff if it’s going to be cold? At least you can get play in it, unlike frozen mud. And if you don’t like playing in it, then may I suggest enjoying the beauty from your window and be thankful for your warm home with some comfort food?

Regardless of your opinion on winter, today was a wonderful sick day out of the office for me and a fabulous “snow day” out of the school for my elementary principal! My man sure knows how to blaze a good trail and he is so patient with me. Being in nature is good for the soul and always lifts my spirits.

I know what you might be thinking;  “if I’m well enough to go snowshoeing then I should be in the office.” That’s the problem with some illnesses. You don’t always appear to be sick. When your brain is sick, no one sees it, until you turn blue, pass out,or have a seizure. One minute you appear to be fine and the next you are wondering how long you might live.

I have been on 2 months of sick leave and I still don’t have a complete diagnosis. Long story short – my central nervous system is messed up and we are still searching for answers. I have come to appreciate the complexity of the human brain and how our bodies work. We assumed the complications were associated with my TBI but there is a possibility it us unrelated to my previous brain injury. There is so much we still don’t know about what my body is experiencing but here’s what I do know:

  • God is real and there is life after death.
  • My family and friends are more important than any tangible thing.
  • Doctor’s are “practicing” medicine. It’s not 100% science. There is still much to be discovered, especially when it comes to nerves and the brain.
  • My husband and I love each other more than I knew.
  • My children mean the world to me.
  • My parents are just freaking awesome.
  • I have wonderful neighbors, family, coworkers and friends who love me more than I knew.
  • Miracles have not ceased.
  • God is aware of me and has comforted me through tender mercies, usually through the grace and goodness of others.
  • I don’t believe in coincidences but I believe in the grace of God.
  • I intend to live for many years, enjoying my family, and I will make the most of my life.

Two feet of new snow may seem like an awful thing to some but I for one am thankful that I was able to experience this beautiful day with the man I love.

2 comments on “Sick Snow Day

  1. beautiful pictures, beautiful thoughts, beautiful attitude. It’ll take you a long way and no matter the journey, I myself am amazed at the strength is has taken to survive and get better. Many people are never challenged in their lives like this. Would I have been okay with it? Probably. Did I have a choice? No. So I did what I knew how to do — find my way out of this dark whole and resume my life.
    Cheers to us survivors!!!

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