Weekend at the Ranch

I loved visiting my parents and spending some time at our family ranch this past weekend. It was quite warm for Wyoming and the sunshine felt oh so good!! But don’t worry, the snow is still in abundance with more in the forecast.


Meet Tammy the turkey. I’m pretty sure she is the luckiest turkey alive with no need to worry about becoming dinner. What possessed my parents to start raising turkeys? I don’t know.


Meet Tammy’s friend – Tom. He’s not quite as friendly as Tammy but sure is pretty to look at. Hoping these two bring some babies in the early summer.

When we miss a day of gathering eggs the nest are full and the chickens aren’t too happy. Good thing that doesn’t happen very often.


Miss bossy pants here sure lets you know when you are off schedule.

Meet last summer’s bum lambs. What’s a bum lamb? One that wasn’t able to stay with it’s mother because she didn’t have enough milk, wasn’t a fit mother, or she died. The term “bum lamb” came from orphan lambs in the herd “bumming” or stealing milk from other  ewes (mother sheep). These special lambs are quite spoiled and keep close to the barn and house. They will start to hang out with the herd more in the spring and summer but they always remain friendly.


Help!! I have snow on my nose and I can’t get it off!

This stray cat showed up this winter and who knows where she came from. The ranch is 30 miles from civilization and the closest neighboring ranch is a few miles away. Sometimes people just decide to drop off their animals on the county road and the critters find their way to food. This little girl is quite gentle but is a bit defensive. The other cats are not very welcoming to strangers, they act more like a wild pride and generally fight off new comers.


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